What *YOU* Want

Hey all you ODCers!

What we want to know from all of you are- *your* goals for the club this year… what do YOU want to see done? For example, do you want first aid courses, avalanche courses, a rock climbing wall or perhaps just a new headlamp to rent? I’ve even heard rumours of people wanting an ODC cabin so I know the ideas are out there.

We’re looking for feasible goals that you want, that can be turned into a reality. Our job is to fundraise so that we can provide to your needs. If you have any ideas whatsoever on sponsorships, marketing, ways you want to see our club promoted; let us know!

This is your chance to voice out for the ODC so speak loudly.

…Or if you want to speak quietly, feel free to email the exec heads of marketing:

Maria Shallard – marieshallard@gmail.com,
Susan Saunders- susa@uvic.ca
Eric Binion- ericbinion@gmail.com

thanks everybody!

**The Three Muskateers of Marketing : Susan, Eric and Maria

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