The Future

The Future Secured

The future of the club has been set for another year, with the election of our soon to be new president… Andrew Metcalfe!
Andrew officially takes over the running of the club in September. As to what’s happening during exams, and over the summer…

Someone will correct me pretty quick if I’m wrong, but I believe our room booking is officially expired as of last meeting. We’ll continue to show up there, hoping not to get turned away, at least until the weather improves. Meetings will still be held during exams, but are likely to be more informal.

Over the summer, the meetings will be held by the totem pole in the small field in front of the library. We’ll let you know who will be ‘running’ the meetings in the next few weeks.

Until then, good luck on your exams

Mailing List Ahoy!

Update on the mailing list

All the registered members of the Outdoors Club have been inputted into the mailing list. Everybody should receive something from the executive every wednesday night or thursday. If there is a problem with the newsletter or you have no received it even though you signed up for the club and paid the membership fee, please contact me.

Mailing List Guy Dan Stone
Questions? –

What *YOU* Want

Hey all you ODCers!

What we want to know from all of you are- *your* goals for the club this year… what do YOU want to see done? For example, do you want first aid courses, avalanche courses, a rock climbing wall or perhaps just a new headlamp to rent? I’ve even heard rumours of people wanting an ODC cabin so I know the ideas are out there.

We’re looking for feasible goals that you want, that can be turned into a reality. Our job is to fundraise so that we can provide to your needs. If you have any ideas whatsoever on sponsorships, marketing, ways you want to see our club promoted; let us know!

This is your chance to voice out for the ODC so speak loudly.

…Or if you want to speak quietly, feel free to email the exec heads of marketing:

Maria Shallard –,
Susan Saunders-
Eric Binion-

thanks everybody!

**The Three Muskateers of Marketing : Susan, Eric and Maria

Election Results

The results of the election are in!
I’d like to thank each of our candidates for their interest and dedication to making the club better for all it’s members. I’d also like to thank everyone that came out to vote and exert their will over the future of the club. Most importantly, I’d like to thank all those who didn’t come out for making the counting easy on me.

Ashley Robinson will be the clubs next president, and will start her reign when classes begin again in September. Neil will finish off the year, and I believe he’s around during the summer to run things as well. He will take on his new executive role as ‘Past President’ next September, to help teach the new executive the ways of RecPlus and make the transition a smooth one.